The Foundation of Excellence is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to work with very smart students from low-income neighborhoods, helping them access to opportunities that they should have, but don’t.

About Us

We work with kids – often very smart kids with very little money – and give them access to resources and experiences that they should have, but don’t.  And because we do, they successfully create more challenging paths for themselves to success in college and in life that align with their abilities.

We are changing lives and helping students find success beyond the classroom. 

We provide two programs to bring experience, education, and access to qualifying students:


Success is a combination of Promise, Initiative, Determination, Experiences and Resources. This program works with the top 5-10% of each class at several South Florida high schools in low-income areas. We provide professional clothing, so that students can stand prouder.  We host classes and workshops so that students can explore their interests and develop skills.  We take students on college tours to the best colleges in the nation, so that they can envision themselves there.  Ultimately, we encourage them to dream without limits and create projects for themselves that change lives and the world and then we support them to realize those dreams. 


We teach kids to code.  More specifically, we teach kids a variety of STEAM-related subjects throughout South Florida.  Elementary and middle school students are invited to participate in summer and day camps that emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Hands on experiences combining Art with robotics, programming, structure building and Advanced Mathematics will bring students’ understanding and interest of some of the most in-demand skills to another level.

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